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noun [ S ]

the origin of something, when it is begun or starts to exist:

This is the beginning of something new! Each pregnancy forms us and our families - we are never the same. But change stretches and expands us in physical and emotional and logistical ways. Genesis Doula Services is here to support you in this beginning.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Tess Ferrara, 

a DONA certified postpartum doula

serving ITP Atlanta

When I was pregnant with my first son, I realized quickly that I would be a researching, problem-solving parent. Anything I could learn about pregnancy, birth, and parenting and anywhere I could talk about babies and the mothering experience, I would! Over the next four pregnancies and three births, I truly realized the critical role of support in the fourth trimester. Now with the professional cap of a postpartum doula, I realized I have been a doula for a lot longer than I thought. Welcome to the beginning of this messy, wonderful transition!

Postpartum Support with Genesis

Physical Recovery information and support for Mama and baby

Home Visits & Daytime Support

One beautiful and challenging truth about the fourth trimester (the first 12 weeks postpartum) is the uncertainty. What is certain, though, are a few common areas of challenge and opportunities for support. After an initial consultation, we will cater a support plan that fits the needs of your family (yes, all of you).  

Emotional Support and Encouragement for all members of the family

Problem-Solving the Logistics of Life with Baby

Nutritional Planning and Meal Preparation

Virtual and Texting/Voxing Support

The value of a postpartum doula

"We tend to think that if we can do something ourselves, then we should. This is absolutely not true postpartum...And as tempting as it is, relying [only] on partners for this care isn't the optimal setup for success, as they are going through their own journey into parenting." 

Kimberly Ann Johnson, 

The Fourth Trimester: a postpartum guide to healing your body, balancing your emotions, & restoring your vitality

"In a society that applies pressure from all sides to be faster and more productive, to 'bounce back' and charge forward, women are beginning to invite one another to slow down, take a breath, and make choices that meet those needs in a more generous way. Bringing attention and care to the postpartum period is a key part of the puzzle."

Heng Ou, 

The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother

"At no time in history have new mothers been expected to do so much for so many with so little help. Cultures around the world have always recognized the importance of mothers and babies nesting-in. In many places a mother is presented with a doula (from the Greek word for 'one who ministers'), a servant who specializes in mothering the mother (not the baby)..."

William Sears, et al., 

The Baby Book: Everything you Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two

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