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About Me

Tess Ferrara - Sept 2022.jpg

Tess Ferrara - CPD

DONA certified postpartum doula


Welcome! When I began my journey into motherhood, I was an educator. My teaching philosophy focused around inquiry - questioning everything we read and think we know in order to collaboratively arrive at an understanding. Little did I know that my work in the classroom would carry over into my parenting. Like many parents, I would arm myself with all the research I could find to navigate the growth spurts, crying fits, acid reflux, sleeping regressions, and emotional yoyo my hormones threw my way. I also found myself reaching out desperately to anyone who understood this stage and this transition. I felt very alone in my journey, despite having an incredibly supportive spouse.

This is truly when my passion for a different postpartum experience developed and where the genesis of my professional interest popped up. After three boys joined our family and a miscarriage, I decided to formally put into practice what I naturally did for my friends - caring for mamas. I humbly approach the postpartum period with curiosity, resources, humility, and humor. The difference of a comforting ear, a shower, affirmations or adjustments in a feeding, and folded laundry is not insignificant and is incredibly rewarding. When I'm not loving on mamas and their families, I am chasing my boys to all the sports and activities, baking, hiking, and falling asleep during any movie I watch. 

My Philosophy

I believe that pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum transition are not meant to be independent endeavors but require the collective care and resources of helpers. Once baby is born, the consistent attention paid to the mama's body is dropped to focus on baby's health and development. The attention given to the mother's well-being is largely cast aside post-birth. Many other cultures have traditions around supporting the birthing mothers and the space around them. The community helpers carry the responsibility of caring for the mother so she can care for the baby and her recovering body. We can learn from their wisdom and bring the support structures back around the mother and her family. 

I believe that parents are the experts of their babies. Parents know more about their babies than they might consider; I hope to encourage them into a place of confidence and comfort and provide resources and referrals to further inform decision-making.


I believe that babies are intelligent and actively communicate with us about their needs and preferences. I hope to support parents translating their baby's messages which results in a calmer, symbiotic dynamic in the family.

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