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Let's start gathering your postpartum support network!

We start with an initial phone call to determine what supports you anticipate needing and what schedule might work best for you and your family.

Then we start support!


Reach out whether you are still expecting or if baby is here! 

Postpartum Planning Session

In the 40ish weeks of pregnancy, the number of decisions and plans you have to make is overwhelming. In a two hour session, we can walk through your home to make sure it's set up to support your recovery, talk through newborn logistics, discuss various baby gear options (including setting them up and practicing with them), and make a plan for postpartum support. Let's make sure you're as prepared as possible before baby comes home!

Price - $100/ 2 hours

*10% discount if included with postpartum support


Postpartum In Home Visits

Each home visit will vary based on the needs of the mama and the family. A session might include the following:

·     Assistance with breastfeeding/pumping/bottle feeding

·     Baby care including bathing, swaddling, and diapering

·     Light housework such as meal prep, dishes, laundry

·     Assistance with older siblings

·     Caring for your baby while you nap or shower or enjoy cuddles

·     Safe sleep tips and troubleshooting sleep issues

·     Emotional support and processing your unique birth story

·     Referrals to additional support services

Price - $45/hour with a 20 hour minimum

*Distance more than 25 miles round trip from my home adds an extra $5/hr

*Twins are an additional $10/hour


Postpartum Virtual Support

Over Google Meet, we will chat about any and all postpartum and newborn questions you have! Virtual support is a judgement free, no expectations resource to help you navigate the significant learning curve of newborn life and postpartum recovery. If you have a strong in-person support system but are unsure/inexperienced about the informational side of the 4th trimester, virtual support can be a great addition! These can be as frequent or spaced out as you would like!

Price - $45/hour with a 3 hour minimum

Gift certificates are available!

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